[Special Screening]
Time: Saturday, February 29⋅ 5:50pm - 6:30pm

Location: Research Computing Center

localStyle (Marlena Novak + Jay Alan Yim) with Joslyn Willauer

Artwork Description:

Timeslips creates a poetic frame for an audience to ponder the state of mind of an interplanetary agronomist as a mechanism to interrogate the ethics of terraforming and biosphere transformation on planetary scales. Humans have meddled with the earth for thousands of years, but confronted by the hyperobject of the climate crisis, we find ourselves in the midst of an overdue debate about when must—and should—we alter the environment, and how much is too much.

Artist's Bio

localStyle was founded in Amsterdam in 2000 by Marlena Novak and Jay Alan Yim. Using the senses to trigger reassessment of existing situations, beginning in 2003 to address climate change and resource extraction, and expanding since 2006 to focus on non-human others, they invited Joslyn Willauer to collaborate on Timeslips.

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