There's No Sin
To The South Of Ecuador

[Special Screening]
Time: Sunday, March 1⋅ 12:00pm – 12:10pm

Location: Research Computing Center

Igor Furtado

Artwork Description:

The film presents the encounter of two young Christians during the festivities of Círio de Nazaré in Belém do Pará, the largest catholic procession in Latin America. The intention was to try to displace and question the idea of ​​sacrifice, which etymologically means sacred work and is perpetuated as a purifying act. In addition, we think about how the construction of hegemonic masculinity is not intrinsically linked to a colonizing inheritance.

Artist's Bio

Igor Furtado Melo Maul de Carvalho. Rio de Janeiro, 1996. In my work “fantasy” and “documentary” are never opposed, but necessarily operate in parallel, orchestrated into more or less obvious measures. A creation of another possible place, between the imaginary and the real. I explore the potential of movements and individuals that are pushing normative boundaries through art, expression and behaviour.

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