Their Tools, Ur Rules: The Tactical [Mis]Use of Online Platforms

Time: Sunday, March 1, 10:30am - 11:30am

Location: Weston Game Lab Classroom

Nick Briz

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Talk Description:

At the dawn of our social media era, new media artist and theorist Curt Cloninger asked, “How do you hack/resist a platform that already allows (indeed, invites) you to customize it? Either we have arrived at an open source utopia and we simply need to keep using these social networking tools appreciatively in the ways that they afford; or the agency of our radical ‘resistance’ has been rendered irrelevant because the corporations have decided to let the people eat cake. The agency that de Certeau’s consumer enacted to tactically reassemble the one-to-many media broadcasted to her in 1980 is being increasingly usurped by institutionally recommended (and protocologically enforced) modes of interactive behavior. Once the consumer mistakes these institutional ‘suggestions’ for the exercises of her own tactical agency, she fails to exercise that actual agency. With so many ‘customizable options’ available, how can she ‘resist?'” In this talk, Nick Briz will answer this question, by sharing techniques and work that misuse developer tools and APIs to undermine the intended uses of online platforms.

Presenter's Bio

Nick Briz is an internationally recognized new-media artist, educator and organizer. His work investigates the promises and perils of living in an increasingly digital and networked world. He’s founder of the NFP, Associate Professor Adjunct at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Chief Creative Technologist of the digital agency Branger_Briz.

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