The Sky Commodified

[Special Screening]
Time: Saturday, February 29 ⋅ 12:10pm - 1:10pm

Location: Research Computing Center


Artwork Description:

“The Sky Commodified” explores the territorial complexities of the emerging astro-industry in the Chilean Desert. Entangling the perspectives of the human and non-human, indigenous and foreign inhabitants of the Atacama, the film addresses notions of presence and progress, focusing on the social impacts that they have.

Artist's Bio

Locument was founded in 2015 by Francisco Lobo – Portuguese Director and Cinematographer and Romea Muryń– Polish architect and urban planner. The project explores architecture and storytelling as a tool to capture and dissect contemporary issues. “The Sky Commodified” is co-directed with Maya Shopova, architect and MIT fellow.

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