New Media Tea Time
with Ye-Bhit Hong

[Special Event]
Time: Sunday, March 1⋅5:30pm – 6:30pm

Location: Weston Game Lab Studio

Commiserate Chicago Committee & Ye-Bhit Hong

Event Description:

Tea time is an open forum and venting opportunity to discuss grievances and concerns about phenomena in the new media and art/tech community. We invite artists, thinkers, and researchers to evaluate ways of collaborating to provide greater visibility to the margins of our community. Questions that might be addressed include: What are the leverages (the means of production, sources of organization, shared mindset) with which we navigate institutions of tech power and art world privilege (or vice versa)? How does the increasingly institutionalized identity of artists affect the choices in our practice? How do we define “new media”? What media are new enough? 

Join us for this open discussion on the current state of the new media art scene. Together, we’ll break down a collective of digital art frustrations ranging from its marketable eye candy trends to its value paradox.

Speaker's Bio

Ye-Bhit Hong is a Bachelor of Art History candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago interested in the cross sections of art reproduction– prints, sculptures, and digital art–throughout time. She is currently researching New Media art (Art + Tech, VR, AR, etc) and its relationship with Art Law and the Art Market.