Spectrum Services

Time: Saturday, February 29 ⋅ All Day

Location: Hack Art Lab

Michael Workman

Artwork Description:

Originally designed as a way for men in the gay community to communicate sexual preferences in oppressive or even dangerous environments, the handerkerchief code has its roots in frontier culture where the scarcity of women led to social dances where handkerchiefs were worn to signal the role of male and female dancers.

Expanding on cruising cultural history, Spectrum Services is an audience-engagement performance that includes both sexual and gender non-conforming indices of identity in its code list of desires.

Artist's Bio

Michael Workman is an artist, writer and reporter, choreographer, dance, performance art and sociocultural critic. In addition to his work at the Chicago Tribune, Guardian US, Newcity magazine, Workman is also Director of Bridge, a Chicago-based 501 (c) (3) publishing and programming organization. 

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