Really Uncanny Bodies

Time: Sunday, March 1, 3:45pm - 4:45pm

Location: Weston Game Lab Classroom

Martha Poggioli & Nicky Ni

Can't be there in person?

Talk Description:

Stemming from Martha Poggioli’s recent work informed by computer-generated 3D figures found in CPR training manuals, this talk between researcher Nicky Ni and the artist will explore the ways in which uncanny figures expose tactics and tensions between the real and the simulated. Ni will briefly introduce the history of using simulation in the medical field and the affect of animation. Poggioli will share how these subjects can evoke meaning beyond their original context, to provoke questions surrounding reality, simulation and humanity.

Presenter's Bio

Martha Poggioli‘s practice explores the consequences of overlooked systems and objects in relationship to the body; both functionally and formally. Straddling sculpture and design mediums, her work evolves through interrogating media and object archives to re-present an otherwise hidden world of things.
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Nicky Ni (SAIC MAHA’19) is a Chicago-based curator and researcher. Ni is co-founder of LITHIUM, a Chicago-based gallery dedicated to time-based art and currently serves as Program Assistant at Lampo. Previously, she worked as Curatorial Assistant at Conversations at the Edge and as Graduate Distribution Assistant at Video Data Bank.
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