Prosthetics of Interiority

Time: Saturday, February 29, 11:00am - 11:45pm

Location: Weston Game Lab Classroom

Martha Poggioli

Can't be there in person?

Talk Description:

Pessaries are objects of contraception, sterilization and medical or structural support for the internal architecture of the body. Mapping the development of these devices, a rich evolution is revealed. Repressed, overlooked, and by nature, physically concealed from view, they are an industrial species, irrevocably tethered to the bodies they inhabit. Translating this research into artistic practice allows a deeper, more poetic and nuanced understanding of form and body, especially when considering histories of the female body in sculpture, medicine and popular culture. Unpacking discoveries made through this ongoing study, Poggioli will share the ways in which her research and working methodology can expose new perspectives of the banal.

Presenter's Bio

Martha Poggioli‘s practice explores the consequences of overlooked systems and objects in relationship to the body; both functionally and formally.
Straddling sculpture and design mediums, her work evolves through interrogating media and object archives to re-present an otherwise hidden world of things.

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