Is sharing caring?
Enacting novel relationships with nonhuman worlds in the arts

[Special Event]
Time: Sunday, March 1⋅2:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: John Crerar Library 390

Desiree Foerster

Keynote Description:

Feelings, emotions, affects – where do these states begin and end, how do they relate us to others? I will talk about immersive artworks that enable us to become sensitive for the phases that lead up to subjective experience and take a critical look at works that assert to create empathy for (human/more-than-human) others. What does it mean to become sensitive for the contexts that shape subjectivity? To attune to the relational dimension of life?

Speaker's Bio

Desiree Foerster graduated from the Institute for Arts and Media, University of Potsdam with her thesis “Aesthetic Experience of Metabolic Processes”. Taking on the perspective of process philosophy and media-aesthetics, she investigates the impacts of liminal experiences on human subjectivity. She will start her PostDoc at UChicago’s CMS Department in July.