Cryptocurrency in 5 minutes or less:
An Art & Blockchain Workshop

Time: Sunday, March 1⋅11:00am – 12:00am

Location: Computer Science Instructional Lab 1

Amay Kataria & Doug Rosman

Workshop Description:

The popularity of Bitcoin has made blockchain one of the most revolutionary technologies of modern times. This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, and discuss their historical and artistic context. With no prior technical or coding knowledge required, attendees will be given the tools and workflow to create and distribute their own cryptocurrencies. Through the artistic implementation of blockchain, this workshop aims to deepen understanding of a technology that is quickly integrating our lives.

Attendees are expected to bring:

  • smartphone with Android or iOS
  • laptop computer (highly recommended) 

Presenter's Bio

Doug Rosman is a Chicago-based artist. Through offline and online interventions, he uses computational media to understand the ways we are mediated by computation. His work was recently featured at Ars Electronica, and McaM in Shanghai. He lectures in Art and Technology at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
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Amay Kataria is a multidisciplinary artist utilizing systemic metaphors to reflect upon the evolving state of humanity amidst an overpowering dependence on technology. He has exhibited at Electromuseum, Ars Electronica, TIFA India, Art Center Nabi, among others. He’s currently a new media art resident at Mana Contemporary in Chicago.
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