Creative 3D with Blender + getting involved in open-source

Time: Sunday, March 1⋅3:45pm – 5:15pm

Location: Computer Science Instructional Lab 1

Chris Coleman

Workshop Description:

The workshop will be focused on getting attendees up and running in 3D with the free and open-source tool Blender. The new version 2.8 completely changes everything you might have heard about Blender so consider giving it a fresh try. We will briefly look at basic tools, assemble a scene, and use real-time rendering. At the end of the workshop, we will take a bigger look at creative open-source tools and how to get involved with the communities around them.

Presenter's Bio

Chris Coleman was born in West Virginia and he received his MFA from SUNY Buffalo in New York. His work includes sculptures, videos, creative coding, and interactive installations. He is a Professor of Emergent Digital Practices and Director of the Clinic for Open Source Arts at the University of Denver.

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